About InterIntel Technologies

We are a team of passionate individuals who aspire to fuse the future and present IT Based challenges by offering cutting edge software design and development, infrastructure , m-commerce solutions and go to market services to our clients. Our key strength lies in the ability to build innovative systems that can be easily integrated with client networks. Thus, our strategy in mobile-commerce addresses the missing link between our clients, their distributors and end users.

We consider our clientele base as strong partners in the sense that we grow their business through visionary high end architecting solutions; It covers their needs and identifies opportunities and potentials growth areas that their ideas may harbor.

InterIntel Technologies thus powers end to end technical ideas and realizes what may seem as a farfetched notion to others into reality for our partners. We are a technical powerhouse that is able to offer top of the range, unique and futuristic technical solutions to all of our partners and clients- THE FUTURE IS NOW!

Our Partners:


 Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the most preferred, fluid and versatile software development and m-commerce technology based company with a global, innovative and futuristic approach to solving present day organizational needs.