The Team

Samson Arita – Technology and Innovations Lead

Samson is a Software Engineer by profession. A holder of a BSc. degree in Software Engineering, he has held various positions and overseen numerous projects in leading technology companies and countries. Over the years he has held roles of responsibility performed as a Software Developer, Implementation and Maintenance Engineer. Arita also has a mastery in translation of technical business requirements and as such brings into the team a rare skill; that of system design, innovation, creation and maintenance of client’s relationships at a technical level across the board. As a founding member, his role also helps the team accentuate sales and marketing and innovations simultaneously thus naturally creating leadership within the company and its cluster of clients.

Frank Abner – Support, Infrastructure and Networks-Remote Lead

Frank is a practitioner in Business Informational Technology. He holds a BSc. BBIT degree and Masters in Business Administration - MBA with a bias in Strategic Management. He is the ideal melting pot and an understudy to the Management Team. He is a dynamic, technically-oriented professional, proficient in both the tenets of ICT and business. He possesses sound analytical skills and an organizational ability perfect for client project management. He brings to the team a rare kind of youthful energy that has since enabled him take a pivotal Lead in our remote support, infrastructure and networks team. As an ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task undertaken, the company has piped him for greater roles and responsibility ahead.

Evans Koskei – UI/UX Design Lead

Evans is a seasoned Web Designer and Software Developer. He is a holder of a BSc. Software Engineering degree with a mastery in languages such as HTML, PHP 5, ASP.NET, and JavaScript. He also has practical skills in Database i.e. MySQL 5.1 and Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/NT/Vista, Linux, and Mac OS. Evans strong visual, conceptual problem solving skills and creativity brings out the much needed leadership in the front end development arena. His adept abilities in graphic design applications such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Illustrator compliments the other software developers thus creating the much needed seamless flow in development and innovation.

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